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Why I Quit Forcing Business and Started Playing


My first year of coaching was a jumble of learning, growing, pushing and stressing. I enjoyed the learning, expanded in the growing, but also experienced undeniable blocks in making this ‘thing’ I had in my head a true business ( ie making any actual money). Knowing that we really did need the money made it difficult to lead from a heart-centered place. Despite knowing that I really and truly did want to make a difference in peoples’ lives, I was a little bit too eager. Too desperate. And this desperation forced me into a ‘heady’ place of overthinking and under serving.

Beyond that, it took me away from my true mission, which is not to master the perfect marketing message, the ideal sales page or the right graphic. I want to serve women- mamas- in a big way. To help them know that they really can have it all.

I had my Meetup group this week with a fantastic group of women, and we discussed and explored core values. In the discussion someone mentioned that when you have kids, you simply have to give up certain things. While I agree it is true that sometimes our values and dreams take on slightly new forms, I do not believe that we have to give up on our dreams altogether.

I believe that we have desires for a reason. There is always a way. Everything is figure-out-able.

Sometimes when we are mamas, we need to get creative- our dreams morph, sometimes we ask for help, but when we are living in a space of expansion and love there is ALWAYS a way forward. A step closer to living the life we crave.

The mind blowing part? You don’t have to know how to get there. If you have a vision for where you want to be, can picture it, feel it, hear it, taste it, you can create it.

In my case, the key was to not strangle it first. I was holding on so tight to ‘making it work’ that my dream, my purpose couldn’t breathe! And beyond that, I had become so focused on the business side that I had lost track of the big picture- creating a killer life.

This week I recommitted to that vision. Where I have loads of time with my family AND make a difference in your life. Where I can play in the yard, garden, take absolute care of my mind and body, make trains and hang from my knees at the playground (yes, I really do), enjoy time with my favorite friends, read and have picnics with hubs and the littles.

I have been more productive in my business (getting re-published by Huff Post, creating an exciting new opt-in and talking with amazing mamas about my new Enlivened Mama coaching program) and had a blast as well (went to the Science Museum, zoo, started swimming classes, picnic, planted a garden, time with friends, etc.). I have been more grateful, energized, and had the patience to approach everything with a broader perspective.

When you let your purpose flow through your life, you find opportunities to serve in new ways. You find contentment in everyday interactions. And you live your life more fully whether that be in business interactions or playing with your kids.

So the question is, how can I help you get there? What questions do you have? What tools do you need? I’m jonesing to get you started creating the life YOU crave!

Email me or post in the comments with any support I can provide as you begin this awesome journey!