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What is YOUR boldest life?

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Something I have been pondering a lot lately is the idea of ‘how do we know what we have to offer the world?’ and ‘what does it mean to step boldly into that vision?’ As you are all well aware of, I LOVE listening to talks and reading books to squeeze out every kernel of inspiration I can find, and I had a reframe on that question that was noteworthy. In fact, it completely changed the way I thought about myself, and it threw me back to my high school graduation party all at once (no, there was not drinking involved).

It involved caricatures. You know, those funny pictures that you get at carnivals and (yes!) graduation parties where they exaggerate characteristics in a way that cartoonifies people, but they still are very much identifiable?

Anyway, what if you were a caricature- what would you look like? And if we were to back up that picture a little bit and get all symbolic, what would your life look like? What do you spend all your time doing, thinking, obsessing over, etc.? Which of these things are there and you can’t shut up about them because they are innately YOU? Because this is what you need to be paying attention to! These are your GIFTS, damnit!

It is so easy in this life to get caught up in blending in. Not wanting to stand out. Or maybe wanting to stand out a little, but not too much. WTF people!? The things that make you different from others are the things that make you valuable. Your scars make you powerful! And beautiful. And you are perfect just the way you are, in all your exaggerated, imbalanced glory.

So what’s the message here? Be bold. Stand boldly in your space- rock that killer outfit that you love (even if nobody else does), share your passions (even if you think nobody else cares), and pursue all the ridiculous adventures you want because that is what makes you, you. And in the end that is the best, most powerful thing any of us can do.

What are your thoughts? Does this image hold meaning for you? Do you see any value in exaggerating yourself or your life in this way? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And as always, if this post connected with you, please feel free to share it with your friends!