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Top Five ‘Beginner’ Food Flicks

If you are anything like me, you have probably seen a food flick or two. They seem to be coming out more and more often as the state of food production and quality becomes more publicly understood. If you are just beginning your food journey, though, this may be new territory.

Why watch a food documentary you may wonder? Because if you are anything like most of us pre-awakening, you don’t know what you don’t know! And unfortunately, it CAN kill you! Movies provide the perfect opportunity to see and understand what is truly going on in our food system. (And if you haven’t looked into it before, you will be shocked!)

I’m not writing this to guilt or shame you into anything. I’m totally ‘ok’ with you eating a hamburger (though I would encourage you to try grass fed beef on a sprouted grain bun) and I won’t out you for treating yourself to dessert sometimes. I simply think that people are led to believe that food and the food system are different than the real picture.

Ok, so on to the goods. Here they are, my top five ‘beginner’ food flicks. There are lots of good ones and more I have yet to see, but these are some of the first ones I saw and they stick with me even now. They go all the way down to 5 minutes, so there’s no excuse to not watch at least ONE of them!


birke baehr


Birke Baehr

This Ted Talk is a few years old now, but it still ranks high among my favorites. Birke, at 11 years old, knows more about the food system and food production than most American adults. Let him inspire you as he talks about how his dream of becoming a pro football player  evolved and is now growing to become one of the biggest up and coming influencers in the food quality movement!





Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is just a classic. I got hooked on his show ‘Food Revolution’ from day one. I love how inspired he is to teach children healthy habits so that they can not only live and grow healthy themselves, but also be inspiration for the older generations (or at least that is how it all plays out…). Check out his Ted Talk here and prepare to be shocked at his demonstration…


Crazy Sexy Cancer

Crazy Sexy Cancer is a little more directed as to its content (after all, it is directly related to Kris Carr’s experience with cancer), however it is a great watch even if you don’t personally have cancer. One of the reasons I love this one so much is because it shows how many peoples’ journeys start with food, but transcend much deeper. When we learn to love and take care of ourselves completely, we also learn how to listen to our intuition, love unconditionally, and enjoy ourselves a whole lot more!


food inc


Food, Inc. is a different kind of movie. It doesn’t focus as much on diet or health specifically, but rather on how farms have changed as they have become more and more driven by profits. If you are unfamiliar with the role of the government and big business as it pertains to food, this will blow your mind!



Food Matters


Food Matters is perhaps my favorite of them all. It does a great job of accurately reflecting how dramatically food affects our health. If you want a better idea of how to get started, or need motivation to get started, this flick will do it!

Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite food flick? Have you seen any of my faves? What did you think? Please share in the comments below!