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Top 5 Ways to Get Out of That Rut!


Truth be told, I have been in a bit of a rut for the past week or so. I’ve been extra tired and lacked motivation. No fun! Do you have those times where you can’t seem to make any headway and you just spin your wheels, or worse yet you waste all your time on email or ‘the Facebook’ in an effort to procrastinate being productive?

It can be tough to keep things moving, especially as a solo entrepreneur. You have to recognize the cycles of your life, the cycles of the seasons, and the cycles of business. What I am talking about is not ignoring the times when you need to energize and recoup a little bit (we all need time to recharge and it does tend to go in ‘seasons’) but rather the times when you are feeling like you are spinning your wheels without a bigger picture in mind. How do you get re-grounded in your mission, purpose, and reinvigorated to live your truth?

Here are a few of my tried-and-true favorite methods for working my way out of a funk:

1. Listen to an inspirational talk. Ted Talks are among my favorites, but I also really enjoy listening to Marie Forleo and Awesomeness Fest videos.

2. Create a vision/inspiration board.  If you already have one, then go back to your inspiration board. If necessary, add new material that has come about since your last reviewal. Using your inspiration board as material for thought, meditate on your ‘perfect live’ incorporating as many specifics and senses as possible. What does your ideal life look like, smell like, feel like, etc. The more you are able to repeat and reinforce this, the better. (hint: it only takes a few minutes a day and if you are diligent, it can keep you from getting in ruts in the first place in many cases.)

3. Learn something new. One of my favorite tools is Mindvalley Academy. In it are lots of courses about how to get more in tune with your deepest self, and how to bring your gifts to the world. Many of us have blocks that prevent us from identifying and realizing our true selves and our deepest potential. This collection of inspirational courses helps you to learn to clear the blocks and move ahead with energy and momentum.

4. Move! I find that when I move my body, the energies of ideas are allowed to better come to consciousness. Subsequently, if I get busy and don’t get a chance to simply ‘move’ as much, my whole life feels it. I also tend to get my best ideas when moving (it doesn’t have to be working out specifically, but does have to incorporate intentional and prolonged movement).

5. Go to an inspirational workshop or retreat. This isn’t practical in all situations, but when you are really ‘stuck’ it is a great option to getting your energy flowing again. I always have a list of retreats and workshops I am dying to attend. This is also a great inspiration to get me working on my meantime projects so that I have the cash flow to attend these exciting and inspiring events.

Are you feeling stuck? What are your tricks for breaking free from the rut? Please comment below with your best tips!