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The Truth About Why I’ve Been Hiding Out…


You can't pour from an empty cup

Whew! Have you noticed that I’ve been hiding out? I haven’t written a post in months and it feels great, but probably not for the reasons you would think.

I actually love writing. I love coaching. And I love hearing all the feedback from you about how you are living your life more fully and doing things differently because of what I share and put into the world. There is seriously no better gift than to know that I am helping you live a happier, more fulfilled life- and doing it on your terms.

But I hit a patch where I was feeling inauthentic. Not because I didn’t believe in what I was saying, but because I wasn’t living my truth. I was putting so much time in so many baskets that I was starting to get scattered, I still hadn’t gotten to the point I wanted to with my daughter and her behavior challenges, and I was feeling burnt out and uninspired in knowing where I was going in my next phase of business development.

So I took a step back.

I enjoyed the holidays and focused on my family. I gave my daughter’s treatment plan the attention that it deserved (I knew I would regret it if I didn’t give it as much time and money as it took to sort everything out, and as a result we have had major breakthroughs that have changed our family completely!) and I took time to relax and rejuvenate.

Was it a good business decision? No, at least not on paper. But in the end? Absolutely. Because if I don’t have my health and wellness, if I don’t have time with my gorgeous family, and if I am living without standing in my own truth… well, for me that is just intolerable. I can’t do it for long without starting to feel like a fraud. And you know what? My coaching clients deserve the best of me.

I am here to serve as an example- an inspiration for all women everywhere who are struggling to get back to the basics, live the lives we dream of and claim more joy in each day.

And you want to know the crazy part? It’s never as far away as it feels.

Little changes make a big difference. (Small hinges swing big doors!) It’s crazy how things snowball when you get on the right path. And sometimes the ‘right’ path isn’t necessarily the one you’d expect. Taking excellent care of yourself is never a bad choice- in fact it is at the root of it all because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

You can’t fully live your purpose.

You can’t fully enjoy your life.

And you can’t be the mama you want to be…

if you don’t fill yourself up first.

So what have I done instead of writing and posting?

I’ve played with my kids more. I’ve colored and dug in the sand. I’ve slept more. I’ve snuggled on the couch with my hubs. I’ve read endlessly about energetics, neurology and personal growth. And I’ve taken more opportunities to go out with friends and participate in groups and causes that thrill me. In short, I’ve felt more alive. I’ve nurtured my desire for connection, fed my hunger for adventure and embraced my own self-care.

I’ve taken a lot of time to think about my coaching and how I want to move forward doing things differently. I don’t anticipate at this point dramatically changing any of my offerings, but a lot is still up in the air as far as new projects and where I plan to spend my time in the near future.

I want you to know, though, that I’m still here. I will continue to be available to answer questions, support you in your transformations and if/when the time is right to coach you to your next level of personal growth and transformation. I am endlessly devoted to helping you live the life you crave.

Thank you for your continued support- for allowing me to fumble through this so that I can come out the other side, even more ready and inspired to buoy you up on your journey. I love and appreciate you so much!