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The Story of Your Life

What's YOUR Story?

From the moment we are born to the moment we die we are creating a story. Through our actions, through our intentions, and most of all through our emotions. Think about it. Without our emotions, nothing in this world holds meaning. Cross culturally the same incident or action could occur but the interpretation may be completely different. This is because we are interpreting the whole world through our emotions.

This gets confusing when we start thinking about it, because if it is true, then no human interaction is fact. We can choose to let our ego get involved and it can feel like an attack or insult, but if we stop and look at the situation we realize that these actions have nothing to do with us at all and everything to do with this other person. Their ego. Their past hurts. Their story.

So how is your story serving you? What have you told yourself that as long as you remember: you are ugly, not skinny enough, bad at math, not creative, shy, etc. What wonderful opportunities are you missing out on because of these labels that you have self-assigned (whether consciously or unconsciously)? Why have you allowed others’ words, impressions, or ideas to define you into boxes like this (nobody should live in a box!)? How would your world be different if you took your big pink eraser and removed this part of the story? Would you take more chances? Would you pursue your deepest dreams? Would you connect with your soul on a deeper level and explore spirituality? Would you be more confident in putting yourself out there to meet new people?

I am a strong believer that we all  have gifts, and we can all be successful and happy. It can take some effort to undo the patterns we have established for our lives, but when we do we can live with more ease, happiness and success in all areas of our lives. You can have ALL your dreams come true! (Though a little warning right now, when you start living your life from a place of love rather than fear, your dreams may end up looking different than you originally thought!)

I’d love to hear about your story- how does it serve you? How does it limit you? How would your life be different if you were the best version of yourself? What would you be doing differently? What would you believe in? Please share in the comments below. And as always, if you found this helpful or inspiring, please share with those you think would benefit!