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The Secret to Waking Up Your Intuition

dancingIntuition is probably the most powerful tool we as human beings have- the ability to assimilate information without even knowing that it is happening and then come up with a ‘gut feeling.’ When we are able to use our brain’s power without constraining it with logical thinking, we have the ability to come up with amazingly accurate conclusions- but why is this? (My hubby would like to know- I am right WAY too much of the time without any real reason why!) Are our brains supremely more intelligent than we give them credit or is this knowledge or energy simply being delivered through us like a vessel?

While I am not going to answer this question directly- it is up for debate- it is widely recognized that intuition is a key trait that many global leaders have touted as the most important force in their decision making process.

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.” Oprah Winfrey

“As a leader, often you have to rely on intuition.” Bill Gates

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstein

It is invaluable to recognize that many of the people who achieve the greatest success in life use intuition as a valuable part of their decision making arsenal. Leaders such as Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates give intuition a place in the business world where statistics are king. Lesson? We are smarter and more powerful than we know, and there is value in trusting our inner knowing.

Carl Jung describes intuition as ‘perception via the unconscious.’

I love this description because it perfectly addresses the idea that intuition is very much the opposite of logical thinking. This does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t align with the details presented by logical thinking, but it does mean that it also takes a lot of other information into account (though not necessarily consciously). So how do we get out of this logical brain trap and access the other part of our being, this intuitive wellspring of knowledge?

It’s simple, really!


Yes I said it, Ellen DeGeneres was right all along- dancing gets us completely out of our logical brain and into our bodies where our intuition resides. If you are supremely opposed to dancing, then sing, but for the love of all that is holy- make it loud and proud!  The more time we spend in our bodies, the more attuned we are to the messages we are receiving through our bodies.

So throw on Caravan Palace- get out those jazz hands, shake that booty, and start making some kick arse decisions because you are going to be a freaking intuitive beast! And to top it all off, you’re going to have a killer life to show for it!