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Ten Random Facts About Me

In the spirit of getting to know each other better, I find that sometimes random facts are a great way to really get to the heart of things. What are the things that make me distinctly myself- that I have had random fascinations with or that I value (hint: novelty is big for me!). Here are the first ten that came to mind.

1. I worked as a ‘Monkey Caretaker Feeder Facilitator’ (or so I called myself) when I was in college. I basically did it so that I could say that I had done it. (Because scrubbing monkey poop off a cage for 4 something an hour is not in and of itself worth it! You can just take my word on that one.)

2. I have been to New Zealand 4 times and spent much of my early twenties trying to get a permanent working visa. I love everything about life there- the much lower emphasis on acquiring ‘stuff’, the gorgeous scenery and weather, the possibility for adventure and the laid back and super friendly people. If you haven’t found the place that simply ‘feels like home’ to you, I hope you will keep looking. There really is nothing like it.

3. I have been on Car Talk. This may be less exciting for people in my age group, but I grew up listening to Car Talk so it has a near and dear place in my heart (and 60 something men think it is great)!

4. I love adventure sports. I have gone sky diving, canyoning, zorbing and bungee jumping. I love a good adrenaline rush and new experiences totally light my fire. (Though I have to admit, I have more fear around this since having kids.)

5. I am a self-professed Ted Talk junkie. I love personal growth, learning and anything that pertains to maximizing human potential. Have you seen this one? I love it.

6. Growing up I had a strange fascination with the Brady Bunch. I think I saw every single episode and they made appearances throughout my entire childhood- from a Brady Bunch dance number at the talent show (we did the actual choreography, of course!), to a filmed Brady Bunch meets the Greek gods and always had a special spot on my mix tapes. They never seemed to get old.

7. I love taking weird photographs. I guess it goes along with my love of acting/theater and my rubbery face, but I love getting professional photos taken of weird things. Glamour Shots is a dream come true. Here are a couple from a while back… (The one on the right was one of my senior photos.)

bunny senior photo

8. I have an obsession with crafting upsetting creations. In high school, I created lots of things from dollar store Barbie dolls, have ogled over fake taxidermy (stuffed animal taxidermy), love making inappropriate Christmas cookies and love creating mini terrariums with a mix of dinosaurs and Star Wars creatures. I have since moved away from simply disassembling things and recreating them in strange ways, and now love creating things that are ‘beautiful’ but upon closer inspection also funny, ironic, or upsetting. It just makes me so happy!

9. I love bagpipes (bagpipers?)- I grew up Scottish Dancing (I even went to the world championships in Scotland twice!) and always had a soft spot for bagpipes (and a crush on bagpipers). I even went to college at a Scottish school where we had our very own bagpipe band. I know for lots of people they are too loud or they simply don’t enjoy listening to them, but I get really emotional and can feel my heart grow every time I hear them.

10. I have a self professed girl-crush on Ellen DeGeneres. I know I’m not alone here, but I love so much to simply watch her because of the perpetual sparkle she has in her eye. (Part joy, part mischief.) She has the amazing ability to inspire and bless people in amazing ways while still keeping her quirky and hilarious sense of humor. I will be happy if one day I reach a fragment of the success in blending her personality with her business and truly ‘living her message.’

What are the quirky things that make you, you? Please share them in the comments below! Let’s celebrate our ‘randomness’ as it relates to being distinctly ourselves!