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The Spring Glow Detox is Here!


Spring is here and I don’t know about you, but I have been in the mood to do a little spring cleaning! (It’s much needed, so thank goodness for the extra seasonal push!) Besides the typical house reorganization and purge, it has become a new found tradition to also do a whole foods detox this time of year. After the winter our bodies can feel bogged down by extra weight, tired from lack of sunshine and for those of us with a killer sweet tooth it can also mean a lingering sugar habit that you just can’t kick.

That’s where the Spring Glow Detox program comes in. If you have been wanting to reboot your body for swimsuit season but avoiding it because the ‘starvation’ method just really isn’t that appealing (I wouldn’t recommend it anyway), then now’s your chance! This 11 day detox is whole foods based- meaning you get to eat REAL  (delicious) food and rebalance your body simultaneously. SCORE!  It contains both mind and body elements to help you start incorporating healthy habits like meditation into your regular schedule in short manageable chunks of time. This whole life approach helps you to start taking elements of the program and incorporate them into your life for the long haul.

When does it begin? The detox starts on May 12 (May 9 if you have some habits you want to curb first with the pre-detox). There is some prep necessary to get started- a little reading and some food prep to make it more manageable along the way- so I highly recommend signing up early so that you have plenty of time to be prepared without scrambling at the end!

What is the premise of detoxification anyway? Well, I’m glad you asked 😉 First, consumed toxins are stored in our fat cells. Our bodies keep them there so that our systems don’t become toxic. Great, except that our bodies also are resistant to releasing them very quickly for the same reason. Therefore if you are not eating the ‘right’ foods to flush out these toxins regularly you can experience extra weight that just won’t budge. Toxins can also be responsible for ‘bogging down’ our systems, causing us to be sluggish and tired or have other hormonal and nutrient imbalances. Ridding your body of the bulk of these toxins helps your body to rebalance its systems resulting in released weight and increased energy and vitality.

Ready to Glow?


If you are interested in learning more about what the Spring Glow detox is or how it works, check out my detox page or the detox FAQ page. I hope you’ll join me!