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How Are YOU Saying ‘Yes’ Today?

How Are You Saying 'Yes' Today?


I just got back from an AMAZING conference- packed with transformational coaching skills, business building and the most amazing group of people striving to give their best to the world. Needless to say I am left feeling inspired, uplifted and so ready to help the struggling mamas of this world who are wishing they had a little something just for themselves; An opportunity to grow, discover and share their gifts with the world!

Throughout this weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about my ‘yes’es and ‘no’s. As I have probably said already, saying ‘no’ is a very powerful skill for a mama to acquire. Whether it is saying ‘no’ to taking on another responsibility, saying ‘no’ to your child about adding yet another class to the schedule, or ‘no’ing a social gathering that you simply aren’t interested in attending, the power to say ‘no’ opens up a lot of opportunities for other good things to come to fruition.

After all, your life needs at least a little ‘white space’ before there is even room for better opportunities to present themselves.

However, I realized that even more powerful than saying ‘no’, is the power of saying yes to what matters. I realized that in this declaration I was deciding to BE the decision maker of my life! How am I saying ‘yes’ to my dreams, to my goals and aspirations on a daily basis? How am I prioritizing this above daily life (note: not above the responsibilities of caring for my family) in a way that empowers me to get at least a little closer each day? How am I balancing my family with my dreams so that I am spending time with the people who matter most (my kids and hubs) but also giving them the opportunity to take care of themselves, entertain themselves, and have time with people other than myself? (I am not doing anybody any favors if I am spending every waking moment with them but am bitter and crabby half the time about not having any time to take care of myself or pursue my aspirations!)

Life is meant to be enjoyed! If you aren’t fully committed to how yours looks or feels and still have that nagging feeling that you have ‘more’ waiting inside of you, then do us all a favor and start to explore what that is! Your kids will be inspired (if not now, then later) and the world will benefit from sharing the amazing talents and gifts that only you have.

Want to explore more? Contact me for an Enlivened Mama Breakthrough Session and let’s get you on your way to making powerful ‘yes’es every day!