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Release the Mama Guilt, Feel the Love

Feel the Love

I spent this morning at a play with my kiddos. Having a strong theater background, this is something I always dreamed of sharing with my kids- it just seems so magical to me. It was pretty much a Hallmark moment when they met the actress after the show and were so enthralled with the characters and her talent- I started to tear up. THIS is the stuff dreams are made of!

We took our time walking out to the car through the courtyard- leaping off every surface in sight and checking out all the nooks- enjoying every moment of this spring weather.

As soon as we got home, though, I got a pit in my stomach. I saw all the dishes on the counter since we ran out of the house this morning. I knew there was laundry to be done, and I wanted to write a love note to you all. At the same time, I felt guilty. Guilty that I wasn’t spending every. single. minute. of my day with my kids. Over the top? Totally, but that’s how guilt is, right?

My kids were outside playing in the yard- animal sanctuary, which is a staple activity around here. Their stuffed animals in arm, doctor kits all set up, they were ready to both put the animals in peril and then rescue them heroically.

I love to watch them play and be around when their little creative wheels are turning. The stories are so animated and they are living adventure as they climb around the lilac bushes. It’s inspiring to watch them explore and follow their curiosity wherever it takes them.

And then I remembered, this is everything I want for them. I definitely want to spend (lots) of time with them, but I also want them to be able to entertain themselves, explore their surroundings, follow their curiosity, and manage their relationships with each other.

So I did the dishes, I started up the laundry, and here I am writing a love note to you- grounded in knowing that I am taking care of business AND doing great things for my kids. The more I am in touch with my values and what truly matters to me, the easier it is to make these decisions. When I am grounded, I know that when guilt comes to visit I can take it in as information and either change my actions if it feels like I am distracted, or release it knowing that this guilt comes from fear (all those shoulds and coulds) and not supporting my core values.

This begs the question- are YOU in touch with your core values? How has it served you in living your life more authentically? I’d love to hear your stories!

And as always, if you know somebody who would benefit from this, please feel free to share it with them!