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Is This One Thing Keeping You Out of Flow?

Bumble BeeOne of the big topics that often comes up with my clients is around ‘flow’- ‘what is it and how do I get more of it?’ Though not everybody uses the term ‘flow’ specifically, the intent is the same. How do I discover my purpose, live it more fully and get in better connection with my intuition?

Flow is a state of mind and body where an individual experiences being in such close connection to their life and purpose that obstacles seem to fall away. It comes about when people are working on meaningful tasks that are in close alignment with their personal values and that fully utilize their individual talents .

Can you remember a time when you were working on a project and felt so creatively empowered- as if it was literally pouring out of you? Hours passed and felt like a blink; You dug deeper and created something more powerful and meaningful than you ever anticipated?

That’s flow.

There are lots of ways to get there, but the tip I want to share with you is one that often gets overlooked.


Are you having fun in your life? Daily? Are you having fun simply for the sake of having fun and nothing ‘more?’

Because it is important. When you forget how to have fun, you forget how to play, and when you’re not playful- well, let’s just say your creativity goes right out the window, your enjoyment of life goes out the window, and your connection to others is completely compromised.

How you choose to have fun is not important, at least to me. Fun has different faces to different people, but choose one thing to do today that is simply fun for the sake of fun. Not because it makes you smarter, not because it is productive, but simply because having fun is- well, fun!

When you are having fun on a daily basis, you are in a better position to come up with more creative ideas, enjoy your relationships more and love your life! But don’t worry about that, for now just focus on the fun!

Wondering about the photo? It is has been a tradition of mine (with my awesome sister) to take photos in random costumes. People have always asked ‘why’, but my question is ‘why not?’ It makes me laugh, it makes others laugh, and most of all it is fun! This may not be your ‘thing’, but the point is to get creative. ‘Fun’ isn’t necessarily going to a movie or an expensive show, it can be much more on-the-fly and DIY than that and still yield the same ridiculously fun results (often more effectively than things that are too ‘expected’, in my opinion)!

Do you make it a priority to have fun in your life? How do you make sure to have plenty of time to simply have fun on a day to day basis? I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comments below! And as always, please feel free to share this with anybody you think would benefit from this wisdom.