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Knowing When to Choose Organic Just Got Easier

dirty dozen


The mention of a ‘Dirty Dozen list’ came up a couple of weeks ago in one of my blog posts about eating healthy on a budget. It occurred to me (duh!) that you may not have it on hand or even know where to find it. Let me introduce you to EWG- the Environmental Working Group. They are a great group which exists to inform consumers about their purchases in regards to ingredients and toxins. They have many great resources available on their website including both the dirty dozen list and clean fifteen list (which detail the year’s most highly sprayed and least sprayed fruits and veggies respectively). The 2014 list hasn’t come out yet, but this should be a fairly close approximation.

Using these lists to prioritize which foods you buy organic versus non (should you have to choose) is a great way to be budget and health conscious. One comment I would like to add is that Hawaiian Papaya and Corn are commonly GMO (Genetically Modified), so despite the fact that they are listed on the Clean Fifteen list, I would still recommend purchasing these organic so as to avoid their genetically altered counterparts.

A couple other useful tidbits of info- it is a great idea to tuck this list in your wallet, take a photo of it with your phone, or if you have a smart phone you can download the app so that the information is available to you when you need it. (AKA when you are at the grocery store!)

The Environmental Working Group’s website also has a resource called the Skin Deep database which contains information and ratings on all different body products and their ingredients. It is a great way to search for new products as well as evaluate the healthful qualities of what you are using. Their other app piggybacks off of this and offers information for finding a least-toxic sunscreen option- perfect for the upcoming beach/pool season.

Do you use the Dirty Dozen lists? Do you find it to be helpful in prioritizing your grocery list? Share your best tips for incorporating this information into your lifestyle!