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The Key to Jumpstarting Your Health Goals


We all have health goals- lose 10 pounds, gain more energy, figure out what the heck is going on with that stomach of ours (why is it so angry all the time?)… and on and on.

Now how many of you actively seek after these goals? Why is it that health goals always seem to take last priority when they are the foundation of all of our other interactions?

I’m here to propose a different way. It requires commitment, it requires intention, but it also results in a completely different outlook on food and your life. It really is hard to go back to eating the crap you ate before when you see how good you can feel (and how horrible you feel when you try to eat the junk again as an ‘indulgence’).

Here it is… Detox. I know, I’m on a detox kick- I’ve been thinking about it tons because of my upcoming Spring Glow Detox program. Regardless, whether you decide to do it with me or do it on your own, now or later, I want you to know why it is such a great tool to have in your arsenal. It is, in fact, the key to jumpstarting your health goals (if executed holistically).

So what are the benefits? Let me give you my top three…

1. Clears the toxins from your body- Every good detox should facilitate the release of toxins from your cells and also flush them completely out of your body. Our fat cells store the toxins in our body- acquired from pesticides, cleaning products, body care products, etc. This ‘storage’ helps to prevent our organs from becoming toxic. However, when our cells become saturated with toxins from consuming/absorbing too many or not regularly eating the foods to facilitate detoxing in our everyday diet, our body becomes overburdened. What does this mean for us? Well, probably the most noteworthy effect for most people is that we lose the ability to lose weight. Basically our bodies actively fight against our efforts to lose weight for fear that it will release too many toxins into our system. Therefore for most people detoxing also results in weight released. Boo-yeah!

2. Allows your body to rest- Whether a detox is whole foods or liquid, it should allow for systems to be able to rest. Difficult to digest foods as well as highly allergenic foods should be eliminated to allow your body to recalibrate, refill your vitamin stores, and spend its energy on clearing out the junk. Incorporating lifestyle elements such as meditation and yoga can further this resting capability and allow inflammation to subside.

3. Resets your eating habits- How many of you eat on autopilot, snarfing down a sandwich or spaghetti and then get to the end of your meal and realize you didn’t even savor a single bite? Our sense of taste has the potential to make eating time amazingly enjoyable as well as beneficial for our bodies. For many people, it is actually a good thing to be a little challenged to try new foods or recipes. This freshness of perspective allows us to approach our previous food and lifestyle choices with new eyes and decide what foods, habits, and choices serve us and which don’t. There’s nothing like a little distance to make you better appreciate treats as treats and notice the balance of your meals. I find it really difficult to cut back on something like chocolate when I’ve let myself get a little too liberal with my intake. It is a much more effective ‘reset’ when I go off it for a while and reincorporate more intentionally.  

Have you tried a detox? What do you think you learned most from it?

Thinking again about joining me on my detoxing adventure? It’s not too late! The pre-detox starts this Thursday, May 8 and the real deal kicks in on next Monday, May 12. Check out my detox page for more information about the whole package deal!