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I’m Coming Out, But It’s Not What You Think

TCM Retreat

Oh Diana Ross, you’ve done it again. I hear the phrase ‘I’m coming out’ and all I can think of is your ridiculously catchy tune. (And it just seems so appropriate!)

“I’m coming out.
I want the world to know,
I’ve got to let it show!
There’s a new me coming out…”

So what is this ‘new me’ I’m referring to? I’m not sure how much I have mentioned my latest training, but I just graduated from a program called the Transformational Coaching Method (I’m a certified transformational coach!) and it has been-well- transformational.


Life changing.

I have realized throughout this time, as I peel back the layers, how I have been playing small. Downplaying what I know, what I am capable of, and how much I can help YOU. I’ve always had a hard time with anything that bordered on self-promotion, and that has kept me safe, but it has also greatly limited my impact on serving those around me.

I’m over that game. I’m so ready to be helping more people get more results where it matters. In your personal life. In your family life. And in your overall happiness! (C’mon get happy! Partridge Family anybody?)

I recently attended a retreat for this transformational program and it was amazing- to be surrounded by beautiful, passionate people with dreams to serve the world in big and profound ways. We built each other up and held space for each other when we broke down.

The retreat was headed by the most masterful coach I have ever experienced. To be around her was to feel the energy and space she was capable of holding for others and it reminded me what it is that I am here to continue to learn and do for others.

The power of masterful coaching.

It drove home how completely coaching can change your life, as you watch your beliefs (and life) shift without even realizing it. The world becomes new without even trying. It’s that magical!

And I am grateful to have learned so many transformative coaching techniques to help you get unstuck, find clarity and start to create the life you were meant to live. (The one you feel deep inside just bursting to be set free!)

Because life’s too short to play by other peoples’ rules, chasing other peoples’ dreams. It doesn’t have to be boring. And you don’t have to feel so damn frazzled all the time!

You deserve to enjoy yourself.

In fact, life should one big freaking adventure.

(and right now, frankly, yours is a little bor-ing!)

So the question is, are you ready to try something new?

Have more fun?

Dream a little (or a lot!) bigger?

And start to live your life your way?

Then I’m definitely your girl.

Grab an Enlivened Mama Breakthrough sesh to get your party started.

(I’ve just opened up a few new time slots!)

Because being a mama doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness. And being happy doesn’t have to be a sacrifice to your family.

You really can have it all.

More simplicity. More connection. And way more adventure!