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Don’t Make This Mistake!

Life is too short to wait for something to happen

When I look back two years, all I see is a mess. I was a struggling mama, wanting to find purpose and yet spending all my waking moments coping with two high needs children, a struggling marriage (due to all the stress and a VERY precarious financial situation) and a seemingly never-ending feeling of emptiness. I was tired, stressed and- to be honest- not very fun to be around. (I didn’t even enjoy being around myself!)

I spent a lot of time wishing that my life was something different- that my children wanted to go to play dates like all the other kids, that I felt better connections with the other mamas I knew, that I could pay my bills without wanting to cry afterwards and that my marriage was back to its original excitement- but it’s really hard to see your way out when you are stuck in the middle of overwhelm!

I spent a lot of time resenting, dreading and complaining- frozen in my circumstances. How did I go from a life full of so much freedom and adventure to one where I felt like a shut-in? And how could I possibly climb my way out?

But in a roundabout way, I somehow found my awakening.

I know this word- ‘awakening’- has woo woo connotations for a lot of people, but I simply mean that I was once again awakened to the possibilities of my life. I realized that I wasn’t stuck in my situation and that I had control over how my life was going, I learned how to shift my perspective so that I could start to see life as opportunities instead of limitations.

With this perspective, I have completely changed my relationship with my kids (for the better), with my husband, with myself and FINALLY have a sense of purpose (and a thriving coaching business to show for it)!

I am finally building the life I crave (and not just thinking about it or wishing for it).

It’s been an amazing journey and I am grateful for everything that I have learned, but it’s gotten me thinking- how many moms never do find their way out? How many moms are stressed, tired and resentful of THEIR circumstances because they are so out of connection with themselves? How many moms are spinning their wheels for YEARS because they JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START!

I don’t want you to have to go through that!

I don’t want you to spend day after day trying to figure out the perfect ‘first step’ or all the reasons why you CAN’T have what you want! Your best life is within your reach, and you really can ‘have it all!’

So what is it that you’re really craving? How can you bring more of that into your life RIGHT NOW?

With that as your starting point, commit to yourself for 90 days.

You really are worth it. And it is the BEST possible thing you can do for yourself AND your family!

What are YOU going to commit to?

Please leave a comment to share your thoughts and commitments to yourself, or even better let’s jump on the phone and get you started on building the LIFE YOU CRAVE!