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Do You Have a Healthcare Team?

Are you supported in reaching your health and wellness goals?One of the questions I get most often is ‘other than a classic MD, what other options are out there for healthcare for myself and my children?’ Over the past couple of years, my resources have grown substantially and I love to be able to share what has worked for myself and my family.

Integrative MD- There are lots of options for general care. We landed on an integrative MD because of her knowledge regarding supplements, diet, and natural remedies aside of traditional courses of action. She is also much more willing to discuss immunizations and the pros/cons unlike our previous pediatricians. Functional medicine and naturopaths are also great options and I would be interested in pursuing them more, but for now this has met our needs because it is completely covered by insurance and to be honest I have a very healthy family so we don’t often need to go more than our yearly checkups.

Chiropractor- This has been invaluable to us as we have been sorting out food sensitivities for my whole family and calming of the nervous system for my older daughter. We also have used it for checking on ‘ear infections’ to see if it really was infected because our previous pediatrician kept diagnosing ear infections that were actually just irritation from teething and food sensitivities. She was having issues with ‘ear infections’, but after removing corn from her diet, she never got another one. It can be a great option for congestion as well by adjusting alignment, cranial sacral, and massaging the soft palate.We attend a chiropractic clinic that is also a wellness center, so they have lots of services available and have a more holistic approach to chiropractic care. Our chiropractor does dietary consultation, food sensitivity testing (through muscle testing) and cranial sacral therapy as well as chiropractics and it is a clinic very much geared toward kids and families so we are grateful to have found them!

Homeopath- This was a lifesaver with my older daughter in rebalancing her sensory input (no sense of smell, heightened sense of sound and light) and managing challenging behaviors. It operates off the premise that you take a small dose of a natural substance which spurs a healing reaction in your body. Similar to a very low dose medication, but all natural. We have also used it for more acute conditions, such as a croupy cough (my younger daughter is prone to getting these since she is small for her age), fevers/infections, stomach pains, etc. Last fall I took a class with my homeopath to learn more about using homeopathy for first aid/acute conditions and it was invaluable.

Naturopath/Acupuncture- I am lucky enough to have a family member who is a great naturopath/acupuncturist. He has been a great resource in sourcing high quality supplements and advice on symptoms and conditions as well as saving my life with acupuncture on a couple of occasions when I was having horrible pains in my back or stomach (after food poisoning). I am not at all a needle person, but as long as I don’t watch while he is putting them in it is totally manageable. And it has certainly been a great help when I have needed it

Holistic Dentist- If you are questioning fluoride or looking for healthier options for dental care, a holistic dentist is great to have on your team. I managed to find one who is completely covered by our insurance (of the three in the area, it was the only one). They don’t use fluoride treatments and have a special xray machine that they use which gives off much less radiation than the standard style. They also are sparing with when they use it instead of following a standard routine regardless of dental history.

Silva- Last October I went to a Silva conference where I learned what I call ‘functional meditation’. I had been wanting to get into meditation, but wasn’t sure where to even get started. When I learned about this style, I was intrigued- it allows you to reach a meditative level very fast, and in everyday situations to more effectively and creatively solve problems. I have found it invaluable as I have been bringing so much ‘new’ into my life- it allows me to be able to tap into my own infinite wisdom and make better choices as I go.

Do you have a good team of specialists on your side? Are you supported in reaching your health and wellness goals? I’d love to hear about your experience and what tips/tricks you use to stay healthy!

And as always, if you found this article helpful please feel free to share it with those who would benefit! XOXO