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Discipline Changes Everything

The disciplined shall inherit the earth

The message of my post today is a little church-y, but it spans into personal growth for all of us so please don’t check out based on the biblical reference. I promise it’s a good one!

The Bible has a lot of messages, one of the most famous being ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. I’m sure you have heard many discussions and/or mentions of this one line and what it means. Personally, I have always struggled with the passivity and weakness of the word ‘meek’. Why would those who were passive and couldn’t support themselves ultimately prosper? Lo and behold, this week I came across an article discussing how the Greek word ‘praos’ doesn’t exactly mean ‘meek’ as previously thought. In fact, ‘disciplined’ is a much more accurate translation.

Bam! What do you think of that?

If we were to substitute in the word ‘disciplined’ for ‘meek’ it would say ‘the disciplined shall inherit the earth.’

Kind of mind blowing, huh? If you don’t go to church you probably also don’t go to the Bible for your personal growth, but I personally find it to have pretty great personal growth lessons (whether or not you take it any more literally than that). This concept that you need to be disciplined is definitely worth pondering.

Discipline is defined as ‘self-control’, and it is well documented that self control is perhaps the largest predictor of success AND happiness- weighing greater than charisma, intelligence and empathy. And furthermore, the more we use discipline the better we are able to muster it when we need it. Like working a muscle, it becomes stronger over time.

Which brings us to the Greek word ‘arete’. Living with arete is equated to living with virtue (AKA living to the highest of our potential). In order to bring the reality of our everyday lives closer to that of our highest selves, discipline is needed, and as we do we create arete, which if you think about it is basically heaven on earth. Through living with virtue and discipline, we create a better world AND are fulfilled in all the ways that we seek. After all, when we are in alignment with all areas of our lives, we are not only realizing all of our potential, but also joyful and peaceful.

So how are you going to practice discipline to live with arete so that you can be your best self? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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