Lindsay Robin
Enlightened Mama

Celebrate Being a Great Mama By Getting Exactly What You Need



It’s Mother’s Day, and to many of us that means extra flowers, a yummy brunch or some amazing new artwork from our little people. I, for one, had a delightful breakfast in bed from my girls- cut up banana, orange and plain spinach and cilantro leaves. Ok, so it wasn’t cinnamon rolls or anything decadent and the spinach/cilantro leaves could have used a little dressing, but it was chased by a hand-drawn Garfield cartoon and princess painting. It was perfect.

However, I also have other things I’d like to do today- things that make it possible for me to feel good about my mamahood all year round. Today is the day I reflect on what I need, and this not only benefits myself, but it also benefits my kids, my hubs, my friends and family.

When I feel good, there is more love, more understanding, more gratitude, more hugs, more fun, more time, more intimacy, more patience, more communication…everybody wins.

Sometimes as mamas, we don’t realize how much we set the tone for our families. This does not mean we control them, but it does mean that the energy we bring into our homes allows our families to feel loved and understood or reactive and defensive. It allows them to grow into more of themselves, or hide who they are, checking out or people-pleasing.

If you have read ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, you know that Marie Kondo recommends to start with you. And that’s exactly what I’m talking about here. You have more control than you know, but it starts out with knowing what you want, and what you need.

So today, take the time to reflect- what simple or amazing things could you be doing that would allow you to feel more alive in your everyday life? How could you feel more nourished and supported? How could you feel more love(d)? How could you feel your soul in action- discovering what it is you are here to do?

And then ask for it.

There is just one little caveat. So many times as mamas we put others first- their needs and desires- and we forget that we have a right to need, too. The caveat is that you don’t need to justify why you need it. Often justification invites in all the things that you do that others don’t help with, guilt trips, negative energy. This puts the other people involved in defensive mode.

Allow them to help you.

Start fresh.

The focus of this is to simply state what you need, and how they can help you have your needs met. The more you are able to be open and vulnerable to simply allowing yourself to need, asking for it, and ultimately to be happy, the more you will feel your life expand all around you!

Enjoy your day, Mamas! You deserve it!