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Beauty- It’s not what you think!


Ready to have your perception of beauty blown out of the water?

This project is an intriguing look at beauty. A woman hired graphics specialists from 25 countries and asked them to ‘make her look beautiful’. This is what she got…


Kinda makes it hard to put a label on ‘what beauty is’, despite the fact that the media sure tries. So what is the influence of experiments such as this? What do we do with this information?

The big underlying message for me is to love yourself as you are.
Don’t wait for tomorrow.
Don’t push it off until you lose 10 pounds or get back into your college clothes.
Don’t let numbers dictate your happiness.
Appreciate what your body does for you- the miracles it has carried, the amazing feats it helps you accomplish.
Don’t let society tell you what the measures are of ‘beauty’- define it for yourself.
Wear what makes you feel comfortable and at your best.
Nourish your body.
Feed your soul.
Practice extreme self-care.
Love yourself now.

You are worth it.

What’s your take-away? What do you think of this project? Please share in the comments below!