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The Best Gift I Ever Got (hint: it’s not a hypercolor tshirt)

The Best Gift I Ever Got (hint: it’s not a hypercolor tshirt)


A week or so ago my hubs asked me what was on my wish list. We tend to not buy a lot for ourselves throughout the year because we like to keep things simple and easy to maintain, but I also find it to be a great time to reflect on what it is that I would like more of in my life and what would help me to create more of it.

It got me to thinking, what are the things I’ve gotten in the past that were truly great gifts? As a kid there are always the things you ‘really want’ like my 6th grade yearning for a hyper color shirt (whose idea was that anyway to draw attention to peoples’ sweatiest spots?). I got it and yes I wore it like crazy, and it did in fact feel pretty cool.

However, the best gifts I have gotten has been in the last few years- gifts to explore hobbies and interests, classes and opportunities to travel. Hands down the best gift I’ve gotten is when I gave myself the gift (with my husband’s support) to start a transformational coaching program. I was thrilled to grow my business and learn more techniques, but I had no idea the impact it would have on my self-awareness, my happiness and my relationships.

Probably the most crucial part of this program was that I not only got practice coaching, I was coached myself. I dug into parts of myself that I didn’t even know where there, I gave myself permission to release a lot that was unknowingly holding me back, and I was able to connect more fully to the parts of myself that make me feel alive. This came about at a time when I was struggling- as a parent, wife and creative being, and jumping into personal growth was just the thing to get my life flowing again.

People ask me all the time what a conscious living/transformation/life coach really do- well, this is it. I help you claim the vision you have for your life, declutter all the distractions that are holding you back and jump into the game of creating the life of freedom and adventure you really crave.

New years is a time when people spend time reflecting back, looking ahead, setting goals (perhaps even the same goals that fell of track last year?), but most of the time people go back to doing the same old habits come mid January and then we are back to our old habits.

As Einstein puts it ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

How are you going to do things differently this year? I’d love to support you in getting there.

If you would like to see what coaching is like first-hand, grab a time and let’s see what kind of magic we can create. It’s fun, easy and just might be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself!

Grab your time here

p.s. if you know someone who is struggling through life and you want to gift them more happiness and fulfillment, I’d love to chat with them as well! Just share the above link and they can grab a time that works for them.

While I am happy to share about future program opportunities during this time, the goal of this call is to explore what coaching is, what it feels like to be coached and help you see the benefits that it can make in your life, so don’t worry that it will be a pressure sales call. That’s not my jam. 😉

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